Chemistry 12 Model Papers – Chapter 10 – Punjab Textbook Board

Dear fellows! These are ‘Insight Model Papers for chapter-10, chemistry-12’. The title of the chapter is ‘Alkyl Halides’. The topics discussed here are the definition, classification and IUPAC nomenclature of alkyl halides, preparation of alkyl halides, the reactivity and the reactions of alkyl halides, types of reactions of alkyl halides such as nucleophilic substitution reactions … Read more

Chemistry 12 Model Papers – Chapter 09 – Punjab Textbook Board

‘Insight Model Papers for chapter-9, chemistry-12’ are present here. The chapter’s title is ‘Aromatic Hydrocarbons’. The main topics are definition and classification of aromatic hydrocarbons, IUPAC nomenclature of aromatic hydrocarbons, discovery and molecular structure of benzene, stability of benzene, resonance structure & resonance hybrids of benzene, preparation of benzene, reactions of benzene as saturated compounds … Read more

Chemistry 12 Model Papers – Chapter 08 – Punjab Textbook Board

Here are ‘Insight Model Papers’ for chapter-8, Chemistry-12. As the chapter name ‘Aliphatic Hydrocarbons’ indicates, this is about open chain hydrocarbons, that is, alkanes, alkenes & alkynes. The chapter begins with the classification of aliphatic hydrocarbons and their IUPAC nomenclature. As such, this may be regarded as the most important chapter of organic chemistry because … Read more

Chemistry 12 Model Papers – Chapter 07 – Punjab Textbook Board

Dear teachers and students! These are ‘Insight Model Papers’ for chapter-7 of chemistry-12. The chapter name is ‘Fundamental Principles of Organic Chemistry’. As is evident from the name, this chapter is about the basic concepts of organic chemistry such as the definition and historical background of organic compounds and organic chemistry, vital force theory, properties … Read more